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Marketing a consumable product to the mass of consumers out there is challenging. In light of all the competition keeping your brand top of mind for consumers is of utmost importance – but this is all stuff you know.

So why would you market a FMCG brand on the internet – isn’t this a niche medium that targets only a small percentage of South African consumers? Well here’s one theory… You need to market FMCG products on the internet because these are brands that rely on the relationships they have formed with their consumers.

When you buy your favourite brand of peanut butter, yoghurt, milk, washing up liquid – it is often because you feel a familiarity with your chosen brands – it is a relationship based on trust developed out of years of quality delivery.. You might say these brands have become like familiar friends you wouldn’t want to lose.

The challenge is for FMCG marketers to develop and maintain these relationships with their loyal consumer base and not to let them stray to other brands that may be perceived as cooler, more innovative or new brands on the block.

The role of different media in FMCG marketing

Each media has a role to play in FMCG marketing, the important thing is to look at the big picture and integrate these media* to achieve your ultimate marketing objective:

  • TV/ radio/ print, outdoor – selling your product to a mass audience that fits your demographic, driving the consumer to the store.
  • Instore Marketing – making sure you grab the consumer in the aisle and close the sale at point of purchase
  • Online marketing:

Establish, reward, and revitalise your relationship with consumers

Create exciting, surprising content taking advantage of the freedom of the internet – market this content extensively online.

Drive consumers to engaging platforms online with all your offline marketing – consumers often want to find out “what’s behind the ad”

Interact with them sincerely and appreciate their feedback

Treat loyal customers as VIPs offering them the first chance to try new variants, creating “expert tester” panels for new products, appreciating and implementing their suggestions

*simplified overview of FMCG marketing mix

Why do FMCG brands have websites?

Lets be honest – there really is no point in FMCG brands spending money on driving traffic to a website if there is no purpose to the visit. Helpful website tools and free services are novel and may warrant a few return visits but are not engaging the consumer long term.

A broader online strategy should be considered by FMCG marketers that includes:

  • Using existing social media platforms to meet their needs (instead of expensively developing custom platforms that meet the same needs)
  • Creating surprising & impactful content – video, rich media, pictures, articles
  • Maximising content sharing sites and social media to market this content extensively
  • Implementing integrated campaigns that target consumers off and online with the end objective of making an impact on the consumer and then maintaining that relationship over the long term.

So why would you market a FMCG brand on the internet?

Because that’s where your consumers are talking about you.

Or are they talking about your competitors?